Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall is in the Air! or is it just my imagination?

Good Morning to all! This is another day at the work I love to do!
I am finally feeling a little fall in the air! (or is it my imagination, wishing)
The beginning of Fall is as nice to feel as the beginning of Spring.
It seem though as a child the Season's changes were more suttle.
This past year it seems like we had LOTS of rain for the fall,
LOTS of FREEZING for the Winter and then HOT as duke for the summer.
But as I was saying the change of crispness in the air always gives me an energy.

Last night I spent the evening with Jordan (one of Anna's friends who is like family)
She was wanting me to help (do all of) her with a Military scrap book for her boyfriend.
We started at 7:30 and Finished about 11:30. It was a 20 page book and for the
speed that we did it in, it was actually a really nice book. I was proud of her(me).
Of course it was not the quality that I am use to scrapping, we (I) used a pre-made
package of Military papaer and stickers. (I usually do not use stickers ) She was so excited when she left my house, that the book that was meant for Mike's birthday next Tuesday was given to him last night! So all was good, Jordan was happy, Mike was happy, and I got to spend the evening with Jordan! I love spending time with my girlfriends! <3